Halo 3 player discovers every single rock in one of the game's most memorable levels is the same rock: "I can't keep this knowledge to myself anymore"

Halo 3
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The Covenant mission in Halo 3 is one of the most memorable of the entire game, though after this fan's discovery, you may never look at it the same way again.

Set on the Ark, this level sees you attempt to thwart the Prophet of Truth's plans to activate the Halo rings. It's lengthy, but the action never lets up with plenty of vehicular sections and intense indoor shootouts; there's also a battle involving multiple Scarabs and, to top it all off, an unlikely alliance with The Flood. With all that's going on, it's perfectly reasonable that you wouldn't have spent much time staring at the rocks littered around the place. But one player did, and they were more than a little surprised to discover that it is, in fact, just one rock that's used over and over again. 

"I can't keep this knowledge to myself anymore," the player, who goes by RejectedShotgun, says in a post on Twitter. "Every single rock on The Covenant is the same rock. Every one. All of them. There is one single rock on The Covenant. Not two, not three, just one. It's just one rock rotated, scaled, and moved around."

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RejectedShotgun goes on to acknowledge that this is resource management on another level, and being a modder, they more than most appreciate just how well-crafted this rock is. Still, they're still mighty perplexed as to why there aren't just a few more. "This is the best fucking rock ever, and I use it for everything," they write. "But also, why not a second rock??? It's really not going to break the bank, like, just one more rock, please. I'm losing it."

For some in the comments, this revelation is also all too much. "This knowledge has rocked our world," writes @BAFTAGames. User @stoicwe says, "My childhood has been shattered right before my very eyes... How will I live, knowing that this is indeed the reality that persisted within the game? The singular rock, the mighty stone, the hefty pebble."

Others, though, are more than happy for there just to be one rock. "Clearly, they designed the perfect rock," says @Dadaracer117. Then there's Halo fan @BSlickComposer, who poses the question, "Aren't we all just the same human - just rotated, scaled, and moved around?"

This isn't the only surprising discovery related to Halo we've had lately, as earlier this week, former 343 Industries and Halo Infinite senior designer Kevin Schmitt revealed that tons of ideas for spin-off games were pitched, with one rumored to be an ODST title very similar to Helldivers 2.

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