Halo 3 Game Disc 2 "Microsoft's mistake," says Bungie

Last Friday werana story (opens in new tab)featuring the final packaging for the various versions of Halo 3 on offer. Hawk-eyed readersquickly noticed that out of the three Collector's Edition discs, two were labeled Game Disc 1 and Game Disc 2. Bungie explains the situation:

"The Collector's Edition picture erroneously shows that it ships with a Bonus Content disc and a Game Two disc. Incorrect," says Bungie in its latest update.

"It's a mistake at Microsoft's end and we're updating retailers with the correct image. The "Game Disc 2" shown in the art actually refers to an interactive Bonus Content disc. It's an Xbox "executable" (think of it like a menu-driven disc, similar to the Official Xbox Magazine cover disc) and internally, has always been referred to as "Game Disc 2" because it has to go through the same certification process as Halo 3 itself. That was somehow communicated to MS retail marketing verbatim. Hence the error. No big deal."

You can find out exactly what you get from the three different versions of Halo 3 over onBungie's website (opens in new tab).

There's a massive update, which should help you decide what to splurge on. There's also a picture of the disc collection, with Game Disc 1 and 2 photoshopped out.

June 11, 2007