Halo 3 Beta Blowout

The Halo 3 Beta has finally arrived. Think you've mastered it already? Believe you've unlocked every secret? Not until you've devoured everything on this page, you haven't.

We've compiled our very best coverage - strategy, guides, editorials, screens and video - directly below. Trust us... you won't want to miss any of this stuff. Get started.

This week's coverage:

Halo 3 Ultimate Strategy Guide- Our massive walkthroughto every sweet spot, tip and trick. Got a question about any of the new guns, gear, maps or vehicles? It's ALL in here. Seriously.

24 Hour Play Party - We played the beta for an entire day, with all of you as our posse. Here's the unbelievable recap of what went down.

Beta Movie Madness- Fans are posting their replay films all over the 'net. Skip the clutter - these arethe brilliant ones most worth watching.

Beginner's Guide - Just finished downloading? Here's what you need to know to get started.

Halo 3 Beta Cracked- Flamethrowers? New modes? Killionaire ranking? We tell you what the beta's hiding under the hood. (UPDATED:Four player coop?!)

Fanboy's Verdict - What do we know? Get a diehard Halo player's opinion.

Newbie's Verdict- If you've never played Halo and are scared to try, you'll want to read this.

First Impressions - Posted live (and intoxicated) from the May 11 press event.

Disappointed with the beta? Not sure why you were so excited in the first place? We've got you covered, too:

Halo Killers- What Master Chief needs to learn from his competition if he hopes to survive.

What's wrong with Halo 3?- Remember when this was Combat Evolved?

The Good, the Bad and the Beta- What we love and hate about Bungie's teaser.

Nine Unanswered Questions- The worrying things that everyone's wondering about.

For all of our pre-beta coverage, as well as full galleries of screens and videos, head to thenext page.