Halo 2 used to have sprinting (when it wasn't flipping you off)

Master Chief shouldn't dual-wield and sprint. It makes him … cranky. "But Sam," you say. "Halo: Reach introduced sprinting, and it didn't have dual-wielding!" That's what I thought too, friend. But it turns out sprinting was among various features cut from the final version of a much earlier Halo game: Halo 2. YouTube user "Gamecheat13" modified his copy's files to show the sprinting animations in action, and found a little surprise waiting for him when he tried to dual-wield SMGs ...

Duke, is that you? While likely just a joke animation thrown in for fellow Bungie employees to see while they playtested the game, it's still jarring to see the often stoic, stalwart defender of Earth double-flip the bird. Can you imagine some of Halo's most iconic lines re-written with that kind of personality in mind? "I need a weapon."

"But Chief, you've already got two." 凸(O_O)凸

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Sam Prell

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