Hades 2 dev confirms fan theory about the reveal trailer

Hades 2 trailer
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The developer of Hades 2 has cleared up a fan theory, and the answer was always right in front of us. 

Following the reveal of Hades 2 during the Game Awards 2022 a couple of weeks ago, fans have only had one thing on their minds: who appears at the end of the trailer? For some, the answer was obvious. But for others, this question has plagued them ever since we first saw the trailer. One fan took it upon themselves to get answers direct from developer Supergiant Games. 

One Twitter user tweeted at Supergiant and asked: "Can you please confirm or deny that the person in chains in the trailer is Hades?" To the delight of many fans, it didn't take the developer long to get back to them. "Yes, that is Hades himself," the studio replied. Supergiant also pointed out that Hades is literally listed in the voice acting credits in the trailer's YouTube description. Oops, guess we all missed that. 

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This interaction was then shared on Reddit, where other fans began discussing whether or not they already knew it was Hades in the trailer. By the looks of the comments, some people were certain it was Hades, while others thought it could have been an aged-up Zagreus or maybe even Chronos, the villain (or at least the target) of the sequel. In hindsight, the fact that Hades 2 will star Melinoë should have been a giveaway, considering she's the sister of Zagreus and the daughter of Hades. She even says in the trailer: "Wait for me father, I'll be there soon." 

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