.hack//G.U. moves The World

Namco Bandai has released a new trailer for .hack//G.U. This multi-part PlayStation 2 RPG saga - sequel to the original which was released over the course of 2003-2004 - brings players back into a simulated online world where a mysterious affliction is turning other players into real-life coma victims.

The trailer, which highlights the town exploration, action-oriented battle system and slick cinemas, should give you a good taste of what we can expect from the rebirth of the .hack series. With a whole new adventure set to span three volumes, there's plenty of ground to cover. This is just a taste. Stay tuned for further developments on the .hack//G.U. front, and look forward to the game's release this October.

Click the movies tab above to get a look at this new, darker adventure.

June 12, 2006