Guy manages to smash his TV playing Kinect

So, one of the things that you'd imagine would be a selling point of the Kinect is there aren't any controllers you could accidentally fling into the TV while performing crazy arm-swinging motions. And yet, a published novelist and noted film critic managed to break his TV while playing Kinect anyway.

Phil Villarreal, a movie critic at OK! Magazine, posted this image on his blog,Because I Told You So:

It turns out Villarreal has a ceiling fan hanging above his living room where his TV is. While flailing about playing the volleyball mini-game in Kinect Sports, his assumedly wild and erratic motions were so forceful that he knocked the fan's dangling light chain into the TV. It smacked the set with such vigor that it cracked the screen and killed it.

"Yes, I am the first moron to break his TV with Kinect," wrote Villarreal. We hope he's the last. It's hard to really imagine this problem would be very widespread. And given the fact that you have tostand far awayfrom the screen for Kinect to even work properly, we don't foresee many instances of people accidentally jabbing the TV during intense Kinect workouts.

However, that doesn't preclude the possibility that Kinect might still turn someoneinto a sex maniac. Oh, the wondrous dangers of motion gaming.

Nov 5, 2010

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