Guns Akimbo's wild first trailer shows Daniel Radcliffe with guns bolted to his hands

Guns Akimbo is an action comedy starring Daniel Radcliffe as a video game developer and unwilling participant in a real-life game of deathmatch being live-streamed on the dark web. With a pair of pistols bolted to his hands, Miles is trapped inside a city and forced to kill or be killed. Check out the first trailer for the eccentric Guns Akimbo above.

Miles works as a part-time internet troll when he isn't making games, which is how he ended up in the center of Skizm, an illegal website on the dark net that streams its victims fighting to the death. Guns Akimbo depicts a grim future for gaming and entertainment, but the trailer colors the whole affair with a thick layer of dark humor that lets Daniel Radcliffe flex his comedic chops.

Here's a snippet from the official description: "Director Jason Lei Howden (Deathgasm) foretells of a future that may soon await us: drone-captured live feeds, UFC-like competitions pushed to an extreme, and online streaming platforms used for gladiatorial entertainment all around the world. As Miles navigates the underworld of Skizm, the stakes — and the ratings — have never been higher."

Starring alongside Radcliffe are Natasha Liu Bordizzo as Miles' ex-girlfriend, Ned Dennehy as the mastermind behind Skizm, and Samara Weaving as Miles' Skizm co-star and first opponent.

Guns Akimbo made its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September and is scheduled to hit theaters on March 5.

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Jordan Gerblick

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