Gun movie explodes

A new movie of Wild West shooter Gun has been released, revealing more of what can be expected from Neversoft's move from skateboard riding, with Tony Hawk, to horse riding, with Colton White.

While showcased the game's blood-venting antics, this movie delves further into the background and motives of our hero Colton.

Gun allows you to build up your dirty cowboy skills, via a mixture of first and third-person action, in America's 19th century Wild West, where wielding twin pistols, blasting people through swinging saloon doors and disarming enemies from horseback is all part of a normal day.

So don your chaps, dig out your spurs and right-click the link below to explore Gun's Wild West shenanigans.

Gun will be released for PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360 and Gamecube in the autumn