'Guitar Hero perverted my song', says musician

Charlie Daniels, the writer and musician responsible for 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia,' has hit out against Guitar Hero 3 for perverting the meaning of his music.

"[The song] is supposed to be a lighthearted novelty about a fiddling contest between a country boy and the devil and the devil always loses," Daniels posted on hispersonal website.

"That is not the case with the Guitar Hero version which comes complete with a horned, guitar-playing devil who battles the player and very often wins."
Daniels, who lost the rights to the song in a settlement with a former partner, is apparently upset about the inclusion of a graphical devil on song 42 who players have to battle in a rock-hard face-off.

"This game looks innocent enough," Daniels states, "but if you have a child who is playing it, take the time to sit with him or her while they're playing along and take a serious look at the images on the screen. You may be surprised at the world they're being exposed to."

We would like to offer our thoughts on the devil in GH3, but we haven't got there yet. Knights of Cydonia is still kicking our arses.

Courtesy of CVG

Apr 8, 2008