Guitar Hero III turns PC and Mac to 11

The graphics will be scalable too, so it'll look great on your fancy rig, but can be dialed back enough to run on your laptop - which technically makes this the first portable version of the game (unless you had a PStwo with a portable screen).

The PC and Mac versions are targeted to hit shelves on or within a week of the console versions' Oct 28 date. The only question mark left is the fate of downloadable content. There's plenty in the pipeline, but exactly how it will be made available is still unannounced - it's copyrighted music, so Aspyr will need a secure delivery method similar to Xbox LIVE.

This is not to say this version won't be hackable - we're sure players with more ambition than scruples will be shredding along to everything from J-pop to the Teletubbies theme within days.

For a full list of the tracks we know are going to be legally included in the game, clickhere.

Eric Bratcher
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