Guitar Hero III turns PC and Mac to 11

Sept 24, 2007

Game journalists love to get PR people to let slip details they normally don't want to divulge. However, the PR person for the PC and Mac versions of upcoming six-string shredfest Guitar Hero III just ruined it for us by spilling the whole pot of beans right off the bat. The PC and Mac versions of GHIII are ports of the 360 version, and will have all of the same stuff. Everything. Hmmm. That doesn't leave much to probe, does it?

Well, maybe a little. For starters, they'll be playable with the keyboard, even though both will ship with the same light gray Xplorer controller that was packed in with the 360 version of GHII. You'll start with Caps, A, S, D, F playing the roles of the fretboard buttons and the mouse mimicking the strum bar (L and R), whammy bar (mouse movement) and star power (Center button). But you can remap everything if you like.

Mac and PC players will also enjoy multiplayer matches with and against one another, should they so desire. Hey, if Elton John can duet with Eminem, you folks can play nice, right?