Guitar Hero II - Six-string Showdown

You know Guitar Hero II is a fantastic game. Maybe you've read ourreview, maybe you've heard from a friend or the clerks at the game store - they can't be clueless and snide all the time, can they? - or maybe you're already rocking out to its melodious mayhem. Whatever, the case, you immediately came to one conclusion...

You need a second guitar controller.

Because just like Jack Black when he realized you can rock twice as hard if you sing while inhaling as well as exhaling, it has dawned upon you that there's too much guitar heroism here for one controller.

Which axe is right for you? That's what we're here to help you decide. We've tested, touched, and torn into every controller currently on the market - and one that's not even out yet - so you can hit the stage with the electric lady of your dreams.