Guitar Hero II goes cordless

Nothing ruins a rockin solo like knocking over your tasty beverage with the tangled wire from your Guitar Hero controller. Luckily, you won't need to be strapped down by wires any longer as Nyko Tchnologies has announced the release of Frontman, a wireless guitar controller for the PS2. With a 25 foot range, you'll be free to swing, sway, and headbang to your heart's content without the fear of falling on your face as you thrash through your favoritesolos.

The Nyko axe enters a space already occupied by The Ant Commandos' Freedom V wireless guitar, and to be joined early next year by an official, Red Octane-produced cordless six-string. We'll get as many of them in this week and let you know how they measure up against one another.

Above: This cord-free axe will work with both Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero II and will be hitting stores this holiday season for a retail price of $59.99.

November 8, 2006