Guild Wars 2 ditching campaign format

Information on Guild Wars 2 has appeared in the forums of a website calledGuild Wars Guru, taken from the May issue of PC Gamer which has extensive coverage on ArenaNet's MMOG series.

The lengthy post reveals aconsiderable amount, including the fact that ArenaNet is ditching the campaign format of Guild Wars for the sequel and that a Guild Wars 2 beta is expected to begin in 2008.

It's mentioned the sequel will be set "Hundreds of years later, in Tyria," and that what are termed "radical" changes to be implemented in GW2 include an "overhauled environment and character control system, redefined PvP play and retooled NPC companion system."

Four new playable races are to be introduced - Sylvari, Asuras, Charr and Norn - and there'll still be no monthly fee to pay.

According to the post, Guild Wars players won't be able to transfer characters over to Guild Wars 2, but ArenaNet is letting adventurers "carry achievements forward" via a Hall of Monuments which it's said are "built via quests in Eye of the North and is only available in this chapter."

Eye of the North will be the final Guild Wars campaign to be released, due at the end of the year. Eye of the North's storyline will act as a bridge between Guild Wars 1 and the full sequel.