GTA series sales top 355 million as GTA 3 hits its 20th anniversary

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

As GTA 3 marks its 20th anniversary, Rockstar Games' parent company has revealed that more than 355 million GTA games have been sold across its entire history.

The figure comes from Take-Two Interactive Software's latest financial report, which dedicated a slide to the performance of the GTA series overall and GTA 5 and GTA Online in particular. While the series began in 1997 with the original Grand Theft Auto, the massive boost in popularity it received with the arrival of GTA 3 means the vast majority of those sales likely started from 2001 onward.

The same presentation also reveals that GTA 5 has accounted for nearly half of those series sales all by itself, with total sales of more than 155 million copies so far. That's across its two different console generations and PC releases, and the figure obviously doesn't account for however many more sales GTA 5 is bound to rack up when its dedicated PS5 and Xbox Series X versions arrive in March 2022, which is also when the standalone version of GTA Online is set to launch.

Meanwhile, those older chapters of the GTA franchise are poised for a comeback of their own with the impending arrival of the GTA Trilogy on November 11. You'll also be able to snag the remastered version of San Andreas on Xbox Game Pass starting that same day.

Things aren't all roses for Take-Two, however: the company also confirmed that it recently canceled an unannounced game which it had already spent $53 million on developing.

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