GTA Online's Halloween event starts Friday and it has a skull-cycle with glowing eye sockets

It's not just the more fantastical games that are getting Halloween-themed events: GTA Online has got a few tricks and treats to share as well starting Friday, October 28. Oh sure, you won't be turning into monsters or collecting candy, but the addition of a new Lost Vs Damned adversary mode and a motorcycle with a skull are still pretty thematically appropriate.

Lost Vs Damned pits two rival gangs - the Angels and the Devils - against one another in a hectic deathmatch meant to evoke a feeling of good vs evil. The Angels will get a boost to armor, health, and better weapon loadouts during the daytime, while Devils will get the same during the nighttime. The sun rises and falls every 60 seconds, so there should be a good amount of back and forth between the two teams.

As for the macabre-mobile, that would be the LCC Sanctus. It has the aforementioned skull on the front (complete with glowing red eyes), as well as spider web spokes on its wheels, and some sharp, almost blade-like handlebars. Rockstar hasn't said how much this puppy will cost, but hopefully you don't have to sign any papers inked in blood to get it. And on that note, if the price is one soul, I'm out.

Lastly, while it's not delicious, colorful candy, Rockstar is giving GTA Online players a bit of a treat: 250,000 GTA bucks if you log in between now and the end of Monday, October 31. You'll be able to spend that cash on all manner of vehicles, weapons, and outfits now until November 7. You can see the full list of items on sale over on the official Rockstar website.

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