GTA Online's Festive Surprise is back and it's the most criminal time of the year

Can you believe this is already GTA Online's fourth holiday event? Seems just yesterday we were all putting on our reindeer masks and ragdolling around in the Los Santos snow for the very first time. Rockstar brought back the old assortment of holly jolly clothes and gear for this year's Festive Surprise event, as well as some new items. The appointed hour for customizable, light-up bodysuits has finally arrived, my friends.

If you're not so keen on running around like a pulsing human Christmas tree you can light up the skies instead with the traditional Firework Launchers on sale at Ammu-Nation. And everyone who logs in between now and January 2 will get a Bold Pinstripe Smoking Jacket and matching Pajama Set for the trouble.

A postcard from the first GTA Online Christmas.

It wouldn't be a proper GTA Online update without a super expensive new car - the Truffade Nero supercar, in this case - and a bunch of discounts. You can take 25 percent off on a variety of land and air vehicles, as well as select real estate properties and weapons.

Alright, I know there's one thing you've been wondering about since the first paragraph: when will it snow in GTA Online this year? As usual, Rockstar hasn't said exactly when that other white powder will coat the hills of Southern San Andreas. All of the festivities will be over by January 9, so keep your eyes on the skies until then.

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