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GTA Online gets (another) football-inspired Adversary Mode next week

GTA Online (opens in new tab) will get a second gridiron-inspired Adversary Mode (opens in new tab) next week, pitting two teams of homicidal goons against each other in a battle to claim one essential package. And if you've already fallen behind on GTA Online's steady infusion of clever competitive modes, this weekend will be the ideal time to catch up.

From now through Thursday, April 14 competing in the Adversary Modes Playlist will award double GTA$ and Reputation Points. The special playlist, which you can access directly from GTA 5 (opens in new tab)'s loading screen or in the Rockstar Playlists section of the GTA Online pause menu, will feature a rotating lineup of Adversary Modes throughout the event.

The rotation will conclude with nonstop Inch By Inch matches once they go live. In the new mode, players on both sides rush to grab a single package then run it into their opponent's end zone. Package carriers get a speed boost but they can't use weapons, so their teammates will have to cover them if they're going to survive long enough to score.

Family-minded criminals will be interested to know that the Vapid Minivan Custom will be made available at Benny's Original Motor Works on April 12, as well. You may not need to drop your kids off at soccer practice in GTA Online, but the rear sliding doors do let passengers lean out and fire with two-handed weapons. See, minivans really are practical!

Oh, and sniper rifles, shotguns, their attachments, and body armor will all be on sale for up to 50 percent off at Ammu-Nation through April 14.

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