GTA IV DLC: What will it be?

Will previously unused game areas be utilised?

When we started brainstorming this, everyone said exactly the same thing: "Why build a full size fun-fair and then not use it in the game?" It's a good point.

The sign saying: 'Season over: come back in the summer' is something of a hint too. And if you cast your mind back to Bully, one of the last areas to open up in that game was the fully functioning carnival.

Rockstar obviously enjoy the fun of the fair, so we're expecting a working amusement park to form part of the DLC - even if it is just an alternative location to take your friends out for a date.

Elsewhere, locations like the prison, the shipwreck, the airport and Happiness Island, which were somewhat underused in the main story mode, could form the basis for additional missions.

Will a new location be added?

Rockstar has claimed they will be treating the GTA IV DLC as if it's a new game release. So why not go the whole hog and build a whole new game area? The obvious setting is the remaining fifth borough of real-life Liberty City - Staten Island. We're not convinced.

Geographically and culturally, Staten Island is probably the least interesting of the five boroughs and it would seem odd to want to design and build an entirely new urban area just for the sake of it.

Surely a better use of megabytes would be missions and characters - a more effective way of continuing the GTA IV experience than simply bolting on another landmass.

That said it would be immense if the first mission of the DLC instructed you to board a plane to a BRAND NEW CITY! But it's unlikely. Really unlikely.

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