GTA 5 parent company Take-Two has three unannounced "new iterations of previous titles" on the way

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GTA 5 (opens in new tab) and Borderlands parent company, Take-Two Interactive, has revealed it's releasing three remaster or remake projects that have yet to be announced.

As spotted by the eagle-eyed folks on Resetera (opens in new tab), a slide on a recent presentation to its shareholders, Take-Two revealed it has six "new iterations of previously released titles" in the "pipeline". 

Three we already know about – Kerbal Space Program and Grand Theft Auto 5: Expanded and Enhanced for new-gen consoles, plus a standalone version of Grand Theft Auto Online – but a slide entitled "Pipeline Details as of May 18, 2021" also confirmed "three unannounced" projects were also underway, too.

Without knowing which of its studios are leading the projects, it's very hard to even guess what these games might be, and it's not clear from the terminology used if these will be ports, remakes, remasters, or all three. But as you might well expect, speculation is now rife, and many seem to think that Red Dead Redemption 2 (opens in new tab) would be a safe bet given a "gen 9" console remake is already in the works for GTA 5. 

Others hope a contemporary BioShock remake might be on the way. Given we've just celebrated 20 years of Max Payne (opens in new tab), that too could be a possibility. See what I mean when I say it's hard to guess? All we can do is watch this space for now, and try not to think about the small print that says "some of these titles will not be developed through completion, or some may be delayed". 

ICYMI, at the same earnings call, Strauss Zelnick - president of Take-Two Interactive - also responded to queries about the Activision Blizzard lawsuit (opens in new tab) by saying that "diversity is key" to his company's success (opens in new tab).

Asked for his opinion "regarding the recent developments within the industry on gender and equality", Zelnick said: "our most important assets here [are] our people because they create everything that we're able to bring to consumers".

"And our strategy, our stated strategy has always been to be the most creative, the most innovative, and the most efficient company in the business," Zelnick added. "Diversity is key to our success. We need to have a diverse perspective and diverse voices in order to create that quality. So it starts at the top. Our Board of Directors is diverse with respect to gender, race, and skill set. Our management team is exceedingly diverse from a gender perspective. And our voices, as a result, are diverse."

We don't know much about GTA 6, but we also might not get to play it until 2025 (opens in new tab).

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