GT4, EyeToy, toddlers and trainers!

Gran Turismo 4 has forced us to announce more delays than the supposedly soothing pre-recorded female voice at the train station - slips for translation, slips for internet problems, slips due to excess slippage. We've seen, and told you, of them all and so it makes a nice change for the Polyphony to be announcing some good, if a little weird, news.

First up, the Japanese developer is teaming up with Nike to launch Gran Turismo Limited Edition. Set to be released only in Japan, this shiny-cased extra will feature a pair of running shoes designed by GT producer Kazunori Yamauchi himself, a copy of GT4 and a limited edition T-Shirt.

But what makes this story even stranger is that anyone who gets their hands on one of the 1000 limited edition packages will be able to show the T-shirt to their EyeToy to unlock a Nike-designed shoe-shaped car.

Yet Yamauchi's next brainwave is weirder still. For the simulation supremo has now decided to turn his hand to creating Gran Turismo For Boys. OK, so he hasn't really worked on the title yet but Kazunori's idea is that the under eights might quite fancy having their own slightly easier version of the racer to get their chubby, chocolate stained fingers on.

So far this scheme is yet to get off the drawing board but, if it ever does, we wouldn't expect it to ever make it to these shores.

Gran Turismo 4 will be released on PS2 in February.