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Grounding Thor In (Marvel) Reality

Having a Norse God from Asgard mucking in alongside Earthbound heroes like Captain America, The Hulk and Iron Man never really seemed a problem in The Avengers comics. But with rumours that the film version of Thor is going to be a full-on fantasy in some respects, will this cause a bit a culture clash when it comes to trying to integrate the God of Thunder into the Avengers film? Not a problem, says the film’s scriptwriter, Ashley Miller.

Talking to , Miller reckons, “Our script is very firmly rooted in the Marvel film world. We were constantly looking for ways to connect Thor to the other movies and heroes, even if they were simply in passing. Part of grounding Thor in the world is grounding him in the specific, fictional world he inhabits. How many of those references and connections make it to the final product are beyond our control, but they are everywhere.

“Thor is a comic book film in that it’s based on the Marvel conception of the character as super-hero. But there are definitely some big fantasy elements working behind that. He is the God of Thunder, after all. It’s hard to approach the character without both of those things informing the work.”