Grimm 2.06 "Over My Dead Body" REVIEW

TV REVIEW There’s a price on Monroe’s head

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Grimm 2.06 "Over My Dead Body" TV REVIEW

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Episode 2.06
Written by: Spiro Skentzos
Directed by: Rob Bailey

THE ONE WHERE Angelina returns in time to play gooseberry during Monroe's latest attempt at a date with Rosalee, but that's the least of his problems. Monroe is in danger – his work with Nick has made him some serious enemies. Meanwhile, Captain Renard has a visit from an old acquaintance.

VERDICT After the disappointment and lack of movement of last week, we now have some much-needed development of lots of different plot strands, some vintage Monroe and even Hank raising a smile with his continuing education in Wesen 101 as he protects Monroe from the price on his head. Angelina’s return added some real tension and a nice sense of consequences (something often Grimm glosses over in frustrating fashion), although you've got to feel sorry for Morgan and Rosalee: their dates seem to be somewhat cursed.

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Renard’s date was similarly awkward (albeit more violent), although the reference to his “rightful place” is an intriguing one; is he literally Juliette’s Prince Charming and a bona fide royal in his own right? Let's hope so, because we still desperately need something to make the Nick/Juliette amnesia plot line interesting and, it turns out, continually returning to it for more angst-filled chat every week just isn't cutting it. When Nick says of their first date. ‘We started talking and we kinda never stopped...” at least two thirds of the audience were surely wishing that they had. There needs to be a development to the amnesia subplot, even if it's despatching Juliette out of town. Bitsie Tulloch is convincing with what she does, but her character, sadly, feels like it should be in a completely different show to the rest of the cast.

Elsewhere, there were some great moments for Silas Weir Mitchell, both in terms of comedy and high drama; Nick teaming up with Angelina and his genuine concern at having put Monroe in danger gave David Giuntoli something a little difference to do; and Russell Hornsby continues to impress. Hank's character development now he knows of the existence of the Grimmverse from gibbering wreck, to terror to morbid fascination has been really well handled. If the momentum can continue – and maybe we can have a return of Adalind or Mama Burkhardt to move along the grand mythology/royal plot – Grimm is firmly back on form after the lacklustre sheep people (sheeple?). Hurrah.

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BEST BIT While the curtailed Monrosalee date (especially Monroe's brilliantly seductive green bow tie and waistcoat combo) was comedy gold, his violent revenge – and first kill for a long time – following Angelina's murder was heart-wrenching stuff. How will this affect the Monroe/Rosalee relationship?

Monroe and Rosalee discover a shared love of obscure six-fingered musicians: “The virtuoso Austrian zitherist?!”

Narin Bahar

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