GRAW 2 - multiplayer hands-on

Despite its liberal use of Tom Clancy's name, it wasn't GRAW 2's story or the single-player campaign that made it such a success on the 360, it was the big-ass bag of multiplayer modes the game brought with it. That's why we were excited to sample two new multiplayer modes - Team Deathmatch and Recon vs Assault - when we infiltrated the closed multiplayer beta. Keep in mind that these two modes are likely just the tip of the iceberg. GRAW 2 for the PC won't be a doppelganger of its 360 brother and we're expecting more news regarding additional modes and features soon.

The Team Deathmatch mode's title says it all, and gives the game's tactical and team-based gameplay a break for a more free-spirited shoot 'em up feel. Still, don't expect the sort of fast-paced fragging you'd see in games like Unreal Tournament. Team Deathmatch in GRAW 2 is still more about sneaking and sniping than gun-blazing firefights.

Recon vs Assault is reminiscent of the Team Territory modes in GRAW 2 on the 360. The defending team is charged with protecting a series of air defense anti-tank systems (a.k.a. big guns) from the attacking team. The attacking team can't respawn after getting killed until a defense turret is blown up. On the other hand, each time the defenders lose a turret, they suffer from longer respawn times. The respawn timers work nicely and force you to move carefully and make the most out of each life instead of charging in like Rambo.