GRAW 2 - multiplayer hands-on

Instead of choosing and purchasing weapons each round, GRAW 2 uses a class system which features the usual assortments of character builds to choose from like long-ranged snipers, sneaky scouts, and heavily armed short to mid-range warriors. A veterancy system has also been added which allows you to unlock more powerful weapons as you gain points for each particular class.

If you've never played GRAW, chances are that you'll be surprised with its pace, which is much slower than most PC shooters. Don't expect to charge blindly around corners with guns blazing like Master Chief and expect to score a lucky triple kill. GRAW 2 is more of a thinking man's FPS and rewards map memorization, sneakiness, and a sharp awareness of your surroundings. Charging blindly toward your objective or enemy will have you falling to your knees faster than Marcus Fenix in a room full of Locusts with chainsaws.

Although GRAW 2 was well received on the 360 earlier this year, it was feeding an audience hungry for a second helping of high-quality first-person shooting. While there's no doubt that fans of the series' love the more realistic and teamwork driven gameplay, strangers to GRAW may not have enough leftover love to share with this military shooter with games like Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, Team Fortress 2, and Unreal 3 looming around the corner. We'll keep you posted as more details surface. In the meantime, head over to the Images tab above for some fresh new screens of the game in action.