Grant Morrison shelves his planned Batman: Arkham Asylum sequel

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If you've been looking forward to Grant Morrison's sequel to his Batman OGN Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth, we've got some bad news - the writer has said that the project is on hold.

Originally announced at the 2017 Comic-Con International San Diego, Arkham Asylum 2 would have picked up from the writer's 1989 OGN with an aim to be "the best Batman book there's ever been." Whereas Dave McKean painted the original story, Morrison's Batman Inc. artist Chris Burnham was slotted in to draw the sequel. Arkham Asylum 2 was to star Damien Wayne stepping up to become the next Batman.

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So what happened to the sequel? Well, Morrison says he's too busy with TV projects.

"I kind of wrote 26 pages of it, and it got shelved because the television work was taking up so much time," Morrison told TechRadar's Samuel Roberts. "But again, I never say never because I think [those] 26 pages were pretty good."

Morrison and Burnham recently reunited for a short story in the Detective Comics #1027 anthology, and the writer admits it did rekindle the idea of finishing Arkham Asylum 2 someday.

"It gave me the taste again because he was going to draw the second Arkham Asylum, too," Morrison continued. "But no, I had a story – it's very, very, very different from the original book. It was more of a Philip K. Dick thing. It's still there. It's still one of these things that may happen."

Morrison co-wrote the recent Peacock/Sky One series Brave New World. He's currently working on an ongoing comic book series called Proctor Valley Road for NBCUniversal's subsidiary Universal Content Productions. In 2018, Morrison signed a multi-year TV deal with the company.

While Morrison and Burnham's OGN about Damien Wayne becoming Batman might never happen, DC recently announced a Batman limited series featuring another potential successor to Bruce Wayne - possibly a member of Lucius Fox's family - by writer John Ridley and artist Nick Derington.

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