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Grab an iPad Pro at 33% off before the Cyber Monday deals end

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Cyber Monday and the whole sales season are on their way out, but you still have a couple hours to pick up an iPad Pro at 33% off sticker price. This Apple iPad Pro comes boasting a 10.5" screen and 64 gigs of storage space, and you can use Wi-Fi or cellular data to connect to the internet. Better yet, it's been discounted by 33%, meaning you only need to spend $500 for a high-end, although slightly older iPad.

While it's certainly not your only option when it comes to Cyber Monday iPad deals, it is one of the best deals currently going. A similarly-specced version of the latest model would run you close to $1000, so we wouldn't blame you for accepting a few compromises to save five bills.

It isn't the latest model, but this iPad Pro is still a very capable, gorgeous tablet. The 10.5" retina display is sure to look just fine whether you're watching Netflix or playing Fortnite, and a max 10-hour battery life ensures you can keep doing so for a good chunk of time. 

iPad Pro 10.5" 64GB (Cellular & Wi-Fi) | $499.99 at Amazon (save $251)

iPad Pro 10.5" 64GB (Cellular & Wi-Fi) | $499.99 at Amazon (save $251)
If you're looking for a deal on an older, although still plenty capable iPad, this one's hard to beat.

You can kit out your iPad Pro in Gold, Rose Gold, or Silver and the same deal applies. If you're not sure 64 gigs is enough for your needs, the 512GB version has also been heavily discounted for Cyber Monday at $799 (29% off), although that deal's only good for the Gold version.

If you're looking for a deal on a much bigger screen, here are the best Cyber Monday TV deals (here for UK Cyber Monday TV deals).

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