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GR+ Live: Watch Star Fox 2, the long lost SNES sequel

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Star Fox Zero, the first brand new Star Fox game in ten years, is out this week to satiate starving Wii U fans desperate for new entertainment. While it represents many firsts for the series, from its already divisive motion controls to the role of Platinum Games in its creation, the new Star Fox is also a celebration of the unusual series' history. To join in on that celebratory hindsight, we're going to play through the long lost Super Nintendo sequel Star Fox 2. Nearly complete when it was cancelled in 1995, a playable version of Star Fox 2 has been floating around the Internet for years but few have actually tried it out. We'll play through the game for your viewing pleasure at 1:30PM PT/4:30PM PT/9:30PM GMT on Twitch.

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