GOOOAL! Xbox Live scores Sensi Soccer

Wednesday 27 September 2006
Sensible World of Soccer - the classic chunky-pixeled incarnation of the beautiful game - will be coming to Xbox Live Arcade in 2007, Microsoft has announced at its X06 event.

Remade from the 1994 Amiga game, as opposed to the not-nearly-as-brilliant recent remakes, the Live Arcade version will offer friendlies, tournaments, matches and custom leagues online. Coupled with Sensi's near-perfect control and no-messing-about gameplay, it sounds pretty much like videogame heaven to us.

Above: A concept shot of the brand-new-retro look planned for Live Arcade SWOS

As with most Live Arcade titles, you'll have the choice of a hi-definition 360 makeover, or - and this should separate the men from the boys - the original game's visuals, with pixels the size of your fist.

And while you're at it, Microsoft, any chance of a Live Arcade Speedball 2?