Gondry and Black set to rewind

It seems that simple relationship comedy is slowly slipping from the Hollywood radar as those suits in Tinseltown search for the most insane situations for our comedic gratification.

Currently in the lead is Michael Gondry’s flick Be Kind, Rewind which is set to feature armpit-tweaker Jack Black as a man who accidentally becomes magnetised while he’s trying to sabotage a nuclear power plant – happens to one of TF’s staff virtually every week.

Unfortunately for Black, he then inadvertently wipes all the tapes in his best friends video store – so, to save the business, the pair re-shoot every frame of every film that the store's only customer regularly hires.

Insane? Totally. Will it make us laugh ‘til we pee? You betcha.

Black is currently shooting The Holiday with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet in the UK and California. Be Kind, Rewind is expected to begin production late this year.