Goldfish Memory review

The fact that the writer/director of this Dublin-set comedy is one Liz Gill adds another layer of piscine significance to her charming romantic roundelay, which applies the oft-repeated factoid that goldfish have three-second memories to the love-lives of a group of disaffected Irish twentysomethings.

Gill's entertaining - - if not terribly original - - thesis is that in matters of the heart, we are just as forgetful as our fin-flapping friends. And so it proves as randy professors, lesbian reporters, bisexual students and gay couriers hop in and out of each other's beds with a merry, abandoned eagerness that makes Love Actually look like The Remains Of The Day.

With so many characters to manage it's hardly surprising Gill lets a few of them swim between her fingers. But the tart dialogue and good-looking cast make her shaggy-fish story easy on both the ear and eye, while it's good to know there's life after Riverdance for former hoofer Jean Butler.

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