Golden Axe PS3: First details

Nov 27, 2007

The first details on Sega and Secret Level's long announced Golden Axe update have been revealed in the latest issue of PSM3.

If you're looking for a straight update you're probably going to be disappointed, because the classic bruiser has been pretty much completely re-imagined in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 update.

First off, you now play as one Amazonian hero, the scantily clad Tyris Flare, instead of the original game's trio of fantasy stereotypes. Gillus the dwarf and Ax Battler are still in the game, says PSM3, but only as supporting cast.

Secondly, and probably the biggest change of the lot, is instead of straight-forward bruising Golden Axe: Beast Rider's focus shifts over to free-roaming environments and - surprise, surprise - the various beasties you can ride and battle on. There are five in total, ranging from the light and nippy to hulking, slow dragon-ites with scales the size of toilet seats.

The traditional hack and slash combat is still there and if you're tired of fumbling around on a dragon you can hop on foot and perform combos whenever you like - plus Tyrus has a range of spells at her disposal.

The open environments are looking rather nice, but as always it's going to come down to how decent Golden Axe's combat system is when it finally comes out next year.

We're expecting media to hit the net shortly, but for now you can pick up issue 95 of PSM3 - The PlayStation 3 Magazine inUK shops now.

Courtesy of CVG