Godzilla vs. Kong director reveals what was meant to be the post-credits scene

Godzilla vs Kong
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Godzilla vs. Kong is out, and MonsterVerse fans will be disappointed to learn that there's no post-credits scene. Both Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla: King of the Monsters featured stings that teased sequels, but nothing comes after the credits roll on the latest monster mash.

However, Godzilla vs. Kong director Adam Wingard tells GamesRadar+ that there was originally a post-credits scene and that it's actually hidden in the movie. 

"We originally shot a post-credits scene, but then we ended up using the footage in the actual movie," he says. "It was one of those things, when we were doing our final stage in the editing, we realized we didn’t have a strong enough ending. Without giving too much away, the actual ending of the film is from footage that we had taken from a post-credits scene. Being crafty in an indie movie way, we actually ended up using that."

So, the Godzilla vs. Kong ending is actually the original Godzilla vs. Kong post-credits scene! If you have seen the movie that makes a lot of sense, and here's why. **Spoilers for Godzilla vs. Kong after the Kong**

Godzilla vs. Kong mechagodzilla

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Still here? Then you have witnessed Godzilla vs. Kong, a treat for the senses that sees the dynamic duo punch each others' lights out, Kong to effectively die, then come back to life and help Godzilla defeat MechaGodzilla. What a rollercoaster.

After they beat the mega mechanical monster, Godzilla swims off into the sea, once again Earth's protector, and Kong heads back to Middle Earth – no, not the getting of Lord of the Rings, but the literal middle of the Earth, called the Hollow Earth in the movie. The final moment sees Kong swinging through trees as Rebecca Hall's scientist and her adopted daughter watch on. Kong's now free and drums his chest in celebration of being home.

Going by Wingard's comments, it appears that Godzilla swimming off into the ocean was the original Godzilla vs. Kong ending, while Kong swinging through the Hollow Earth was the post-credits scene.

Godzilla vs. Kong is now on HBO Max in the United States and on-demand in the UK. For more streaming recommendations, check our pieces on the best Netflix movies and best Netflix shows streaming right now.

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