God of War's release date may have been leaked ahead of PSX by the PlayStation Store

The PlayStation Store may have gotten a little over-excited about an incoming God of War release date announcement. Users of the ResetEra gaming forum noticed that both the Chilean and North American PlayStation Store briefly displayed March 22, 2018 release dates for God of War before returning to their usual placeholder date of December 31, 2018. Officially, the game is still confirmed only for "early 2018".

There are a couple reasons to suspect this is more than just a mistake (or rather that there is meaning behind the mistake): biggest of all, PlayStation Experience starts on Friday. If Sony's planning to announce a God of War release date at the event, it's probably already rolling that information out to subsidiaries around the world so they can be ready to update their catalogues as soon as the trailers roll and the executives take their bow. Easy to imagine a couple people pressing the button before they were supposed to.

A less telling but more fun reason: the original God of War was first released on March 22, 2005. It'd be kinda neat for this new chapter of Kratos' story to begin exactly 13 years later, right? Granted, March 22, 2018 is a Thursday, which is an unusual day for games to come out in North America - regional schedules would probably shift a few days in either direction. But it's tough to view all of this stuff lining up as simple coincidence.

I don't think we'll have to wait long to find out one way or the other. PlayStation Experience will begin with the "PlayStation Presents" show at 8 pm PST on Friday / 4 am GMT on Saturday, and you can look forward to a bunch of updates about upcoming PS4 games. We'll be ready to bring you all the big news as it happens.

Connor Sheridan

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