God of War PS4 just turned two and Sony's celebrating with fresh merch

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Sony is celebrating God of War's second anniversary today, and while we wait for news on the God of War sequel, there's some fresh new goodies to buy and/or covet.

If you enjoyed reading Atreus' journal as he filled it out with descriptions of the challenges and beasts that he encountered throughout the game, you'll want to check out the new God of War: Lore and Legends hardcover book. It recreates Atreus' journal as you saw it in the game, including a recounting of the story, a bestiary, and character profiles, and it also expands upon the in-game journal with more notes written from Atreus' perspective. You can check out a preview of a handful on the journal's pages on the official Dark Horse website.

If you'd like to decorate your home with a reminder of some of the most terrifying encounters in God of War, you can also check out the official new poster for The Council of Valkyries. It shows Krato and Atreus poised to attack in the center, surrounded by the unnerving masked forms of the Valkyries - with their queen, Sigrun, standing in judgment at the very center. The poster is an "open edition", which means if you pre-order it by May 20th, you're guaranteed a copy. No more copies of the poster will be made after pre-sales end.

Last up is an item for those who truly want to show their love for God of War in their home. Specifically for Kratos' big, bald head. This life-size bust of Kratos is 25 inches tall and depicts the demi-god in great detail thanks to a combination of in-game assets and hand painting. Only 500 will be made, and they aren't cheap, but it is the most effective way to feel Kratos' steely gaze on you at all times.

Hopefully we'll know more about where Kratos and Atreus are headed next in time for God of War's third anniversary - beyond the obvious answer of "PS5."

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