God of War II's scrapped Atlantis level finally surfaces. Kratos cries salty tears that it got cut

Being a game developer must be tough. Oh sure, the Ferraris, ample parking and complimentary mini muffin baskets might take the edge off the horrendously long hours. But we doubt anything can ease the pain of seeing a level you’ve worked on for months get canned. That’s exactly what happened to God of War II’s senior level designer Jonathan Hawkins, who saw his awesome looking underwater Atlantis level bite the ancient Greek bullet when the game’s story changed. Below, you’ll find a video of the dev walking you through Kratos’ amazing take on The Lost City.

Looks the shit, no? Kudos to Hawkins for taking all that horrible rejection on the chin. He’s a man’s man’s man’s man’s man if ever we did see one. It’s interesting to hear him talk about the original plan for the Kraken boss fight. Rather than the beast jump you out of the blue, as it did in the final game, the original giant dastard was going to stalk you throughout the Atlantis level.

Above: JimmyKraken corn and Kratos don't care

Thankfully, Hawkins' work wasn’t a complete waste, because Atlantis has finally been realised in the PSP’s recently released God of War: Ghost of Sparta. It still pains us thinking of how awesome it would have been getting our underwater killing on in the mythical city on PS2, though.

Above: Precisely, this awesome

Ah well, lets try and ease some of that hurtin’ by wistfully staring at a picture of the beautiful, sunken city…

Source: PlayStation.Blog

Nov 5, 2010

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