God of War III: Not until 2009

God of War III won’t be released on PlayStation 3 for at least another two years. A reliable Sony source has told us that we shouldn’t expect to see Kratos blowing his fuse until around Christmas 2009 at the earliest, scotching rumours of a winter 2008 release. That really gets our goat!

The existence of the game was only recently revealed when it was confirmed that God of War II’s creative director, Corey Barlog, had left Sony. A Sony spokesperson says that the game is in production.

But following the unintentional announcement of the game, reports suggested that we’d see it in Q4 2008, putting it squarely in next Christmas’s window. Barlog also reckoned God of War III would be playable in 1080p and would feature Sixaxis functionality, including rumble support. Too bad we won’t see it for a looooong time.

Jan 22, 2008