God Of War II ED mode NOT in PAL version?

Friday 13 April 2007
First up, a very geeky (and pedantic) correction: God Of War II's widely reportedunlockable 'HD mode' is not HD at all. This is the PS2 and it only does 480p - officially classified as EDTV or 'enhanced definition'.Mind you, as a headline we understand HD is a sexier sell.

But that's all a bit incosequentialgiven that a quicktest of our PALreview code suggests it's not even in theEuropeanversion.Following the instructions now circulated on the Internet, you're supposed to input aload ofbutton presses at the start of the game,just before the legal bumpf.

The white textthen goes purple to show that you've activated it properly and then progressive scan appears in the options menu. However, it'simpossible to do this in the PAL game as there's a language selection screen in the way -we've tried it dozens of times and it just won't work.

We've even checked in the options menu to see if we've just been given it as standard. But no. It's not there either. Our only hope is that it will appear in the final retail copies, which is a bit of a long shot. If not, it's a bit unfortunate really, as GOW II is one of the best looking games on PS2and we'd of liked to see it in the slightly better quality EDTV offers. That's ED TV remember...

*Removes HD geek hat and places it back in box*

Above: GOW II would have looked better in 480p. But it looks like we aren't allowed this privilege.