Glasses-free 3D coming to new Android phone

The Nintendo 3DS isn't the only portable gaming device that can produce 3D graphics without the need for special glasses. LG's upcoming Optimus 3D phone will achieve a similar effect and has already secured a game publishing partner in Gameloft.

The Optimus 3D will be one of the first smartphones to incorporate the technology, which is known as autostereoscopic 3D. Instead of presenting two side-by-side images on the screen and relying on special glasses lenses to merge those images together, the technology uses tiny mirrors to make it appear as though the flat display has depth.

Gameloft, a prolific mobile gaming publisher, will be releasing special 3D versions of some of its existing mobile games for the Optimus device: N.O.V.A., Asphalt 6, and Let's Golf 2.

The games will be pre-installed on the phone so you'll be able to game in 3D right away. And while the Optimus 3D itself doesn't have a toggle to change the graphical effects, the games will have 3D tuners built into their respective menus.

LG also has a glasses-free 3D tablet on the way, the G-Slate. Since these games will come pre-installed on the Optimus 3D, it's not clear yet if they'll be available in the Android Market and/or if the G-Slate will have them pre-installed as well.

According to retailereXpansys, TheOptimus 3D will be released in the UK on April25th for £514.99 (sans-contract). Sharp Japan has also produced a phone with similar technology.

Feb 18, 2011