Gioteck headsets and Gaming Chair are strong Christmas list contenders

Gaming peripheral company Gioteck visited the GamesRadar office recently and I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of its gaming chair, and headsets. You see, when most companies bring their gaming chairs in to show us, we have to smile politely and try to think of something nice to say because they are almost universally dreadful. But not this time! Result!

The RC-3 Gaming Chair is actually very comfortable. And this coming from someone who owns a Game Racer Pro gaming chair that has an actual Corbeau car seat attached to it. The RC-3 feels more relaxing and also sports two angles of back support depending how lazy you're feeling. And although it's certainly a gimmick, it has LED lights underneath that make it look cool. More things should have LED lights, IMO. There's also storage space built in so you can keep your controllers and cables tidy, plus there are built-in speakers that can be connected either to the TV or your mp3 player, plus a net compartment on the back so you can store more stuff. Sound good? You can buy it from Smyths Toys or

I also tested the HC-4 wired stereo headset (available December 12) and the HC-5, it's wireless sibling, which retail at £39.99 and £59.99 respectively. The wireless nature of the HC-5 is pleasantly liberating and playing Driveclub with it while sitting in the RC-3 felt pretty damn cool. Both feature good audio clarity and feel comfortable on your head thanks to heavily-padded ear... bits. I'm sure that's the technical term they use. The links above take you to Amazon, but in case they're out of stock when you read this, they're also available from GAME and Smyths Toys.