Gimme The Loot review

A US indie about graffiti taggers

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A US indie about graffiti taggers walking’n’talking in NYC sounds like a recipe for post-mumblecore hipster chic, but Adam Leon’s fleet and funky freewheeler betrays no contrivance.

Ty Hickson and Tashiana Washington brim with conviction as cash-strapped mates struggling to raise $500 so they can tag Shea Stadium’s home-run apple (a NY landmark that pops up during Mets games).

Despite adding petty theft and class conflict to the mix, Leon never forces the drama’s hand. Instead, he favours an on-the-fly empathy for the underdog that’s seductive without being sentimental and charming without being cheap, right up to a well-earned closing grace note that’ll make you grin for days.

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