Ghostbusters The Video Game

Dec 12, 2007

There's nothing quite like a comeback story to capture the imagination. In 1989, the Ghostbusters were down and out, broke and about as popular as a council health inspector about to rupture a spirit containment system.

Forced to suffer the ignominy of making guest appearances at the parties of ungrateful snot-nosed brats in exchange for a few bucks, the boys in boiler suits were about as low as they could get without actually being scalded by the Earth's core.

Gone were the days when they stood proudly atop skyscrapers battling giant sweet icons with their nuclear-accelerated proton packs in a last-ditch bid to save the world. The dream was over. Obscurity beckoned. Bankruptcy was knocking at their door like a restless poltergeist.

And then, everything changed. One pug-nosed painting with a god complex, a dancing toaster, and an animated iconic US statue later, and the boys were back in vogue. The film was a bit hit, and Slimer drove Rick Moranis around in a bus for no apparent reason, but the 'busters were back in business.