Ghostbusters The Video Game

Also making an appearance will be the 'busters' decrepit shaggin' wagon Ecto 1, which is set to feature in a race towards Times Square.

"Leading up to Times Square, the streets will be like a disaster movie. So you'll have to escort Ecto 1 through the carnage as it's being massively attacked by spooks."
Conversation then, once again, drifted to the return of the series' founders and the legendary cast of supporting characters that made the movies such a triumph.

"We've gone after everybody that has ever appeared in a Ghostbusters movie," explained John when pressed on who might be returning for another ghost-catching escapade. And haven't they just? Alongside Ramis and Ackroyd, Bill Murray is set to reappear as comedy-anchor Peter Venkman while Ernie Hudson (who surely doesn't have the busiest of calendars) is back as Winston Zeddmore.

Add into this the nasty busybody Walter Peck, ginger receptionist Janice... Essentially the only one not confirmed is that ghost that fellated Ray one night, when he might have only been dreaming.

This said, a definite non-appearance is Sigourney Weaver, whose character (Dana Barrett) has been written out of the game's script to make way for a new female lead who'll provide a few romantic distractions between your paranormal pummelling.

Twenty-three years is a long time to wait for a game worthy of the Ghostbusters franchise, and while it's still way too early to start making grandiose promises, the very involvement of Aykroyd and Ramis, along with the searing action and some impressively destructible levels, suggest that Terminal Reality has an excellent chance of creating a game that'll bring this franchise back from the dead.

After all, there's nothing quite like a comeback story to capture the imagination. You know what? I love this town!