Ghostbusters: First multiplayer details

Nov 27, 2007

The Ghostbusters game, due for launch next year on just about every format except PSP, will feature the a Ghosts vs Busters multiplayer mode and ghost-catching face-offs on PS2 and Wii.

The PS2 and Wii versions, handled by developer Red Fly, will likely influence the multiplayer modes on other systems. Though Terminal Reality (handling the 'big' versions) is just as likely to have its own ideas.

Ghosts vs Busters will throw two teams of players together, one trussed up with proton-packs and khaki boilersuits as the Ghostbusters team hunting down a team of slime-launching disapperating ghosties. Ghost-catching modes will, clearly, be races or contests to see who can catch-'em-all quickest.

Co-op play is, according to the UK's Official Xbox 360 Magazine, "under consideration", though there are no details and main dev Terminal Reality don't want to disrupt the game's theme of you playing as a newbie to the old Ghostbusters team. Read the full Ghostbusters feature in this month's UK OXM, issue #28, on sale now.