Ghost Squad

Ghost Squad for Wii is based on the arcade shooter that rose to popularity due to its addictive cooperative play. Sega's Wii version is true to the original in many ways (for example the terse voice acting remains intact), however the Wii will enable 4-player mayhem where the arcade is limited to two.

If you haven't seen Ghost Squad in the arcades, the premise is simple. As an elite counter-terrorist, you utilize 25 weapons to blast your way through three shooting-gallery style missions. You're encouraged to shoot up the environments to find powerups, but you'll also encounter the occasional hostages and allies to test your spatial discretion skills. Simple point-and-click mini-games break up the non-stop carnage and provide opportunities to unlock costumes and guns.

Players will be treated to 16 variants on each of the three missions. The Wii edition of Ghost Squad, which is planned for a Holiday '07 release, looks like it will offer the same twitchy fun that made the arcade game a hit.

May 10, 2007