Ghost Squad

When there's terrorists in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? Ghostbus…uh, Squad. Part of the UN's Global Humanitarian-Operation and Special Tactics Squad, they're the stars of Sega's 2004 arcade successor to Virtua Cop, now heading Wii-wards. Directing your aim with the remote pointer, as in Wii Play (albeit with more terrorists and less crappy fishing), the game plays like a padded-out Virtua Cop.

The usual disarming shots, headshots and precision shooting multipliers make an appearance, with the added gunplay bonus of the GS meter doling out outlandish firing modes. Context-sensitive challenges (bomb-disposal and hand-to-hand fights) also help keep the formula fresh/tense.

The main problem with light gun titles stems from replayability, or the lack thereof - but not here. The three missions, Jungle, Villa and Air Force One (Perfect Dark, anyone?), have multiple sub-missions with selectable paths. New to Wii are 16 iterations of each level with varying enemy placements - throwing sand in the eyes of learning by rote.

With promised four-player on top of two-player co-op, enemies with names like Alex Havoc, and 25 weapons, Ghost Squad has us spooked.