Ghost Recon: Wildlands round up - What does the world think of Ubisoft's open-world squad shooter?

It's almost time to explore Ubisoft's rendition of scenic, cartel-infested Bolivia. Our own Ghost Recon: Wildlands review calls the squad-based, open-world tactical shooter a "stunning" experience, but what do other critics have to say? Let's lock and load and go, go, go to find out.

GameSpot on Ghost Recon: Wildlands' vehicles

"Ghost Recon's wild lands are expansive enough that using a helicopter is a practical method of transportation, given that the rocky region you start at isn't especially off-road friendly. The best part of taking a helicopter is jumping out of it and surprising enemies from above, provided you've unlocked the Parachute skill. Think of Wildlands as a less cartoony take on the Just Cause series with the all-business seriousness one expects from a Tom Clancy game."

TIME on Ghost Recon: Wildlands' weapon selection

"As in Ubisoft's The Division, weapons are numerous and adjustable, sporting metrics like "damage," "rate of fire" and "noise reduction" that can be fine-tuned with add-ons in areas like "optics," "rails" and "underbarrels." Anyone with a ballistic fetish should find plenty to like, from classic bolt action sniper rifles to 12-gauge Kalashnikov-inspired shotguns."

Twinfinite on Ghost Recon: Wildlands' map size

"Players can travel for miles without seeing anything relevant that would make you stop in your tracks, as Ghost Recon: Wildlands feels big for the sake of being big. There’s nothing outside of the great environments to take in and players aren’t rewarded enough for going off the beaten path since many of the intel documents and upgrades can be found in main compounds you’ll eventually visit."

Destructoid on Ghost Recon: Wildlands' story

"A few hours in and Wildlands is still telling the most rote big-budget video game story I've seen in a very long time. There's plenty of time for improvement, but I see little evidence of that aside from a side conversation about how the cartel offering college tuition is almost identical to a similar United States military recruitment tactic. That's about as woke as you can expect from a video game released at this level these days, but it still feels very surface-level."

USGamer on Ghost Recon: Wildlands' AI squadmates

"As a single-player game, Ghost Recon Wildlands is fun, but sometimes frustrating. Your three AI squad mates are only occasionally useful. The problem is, you can't really tell them to do anything. They just follow your lead and help you pick off high-threat targets. They're not tactically or strategically savvy, and oftentimes can barely keep up with you. Basically, they're just like bonus damage pets that are quite handy, but you don't really notice most of the time – other than when you're twiddling your thumbs waiting for them to get into a vehicle."

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