Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - See its cloaking tech... or don't

This gameplay-heavy Ghost Recon: Future Soldier trailer revolves around some of the tech employed in the new tactical shooter. A recent clip made it clear that as long as Ghost Recon's got the spiffiest gear and the least casualties, it's not really bothered about playing fair – so when you see operatives donning Invisibility Cloaks and launching unmanned drone craft, it's a fair bet there'll be some faces getting shot off pretty soon.

This is far from the first look you've got at Future Soldier's gameplay: in January we brought you a video preview of the game's tenth mission, together with developer commentary. Once upon a time, you'd have been expecting the full game next week – but now it's being held back until May, all the better for Ubisoft to sell the title without having to compete with Mass Effect 3. After all, if you want to talk about fair play, EA's game gets to employ gear that hasn't even been thought of yet - even if it can't find its way out of a tree.