Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 - multiplayer hands-on

Fortunately, when you do die, revenge is usually just around the corner. Literally. GRAW 2's new dynamic respawn system takes into account where you fell, where your killer was standing and where he and the rest of your potential killers are currently standing. Based on that data, it calculates your safest respawn point.

Starting in a different spot every time can be a bit disorienting and, until you've memorized the map, makes it difficult to rejoin your team quickly. But it really did seem to eliminate the possibility for spawn camping, as well as encourage us to discover alternate routes through each environment. Best of all, the system had a definite tendency to drop us relatively near our last enemy... so that if we remembered where he was and what direction he was facing, we could immediately enact sweet, delicious payback. Preferably with a grenade launcher.

We weren't quite sure what to do with the Cross Com 2.0, which gives you full screen views of what your teammates are seeing. In the single player, it can be useful for when you send your AI-controlled men ahead as reconnaissance, but here everyone is too vital and everything is too fast to make much use of it. If nothing else, it was certainly a nice distraction for when we were lying helplessly on the ground, waiting for someone to save us and in need of something - anything - to watch besides our own writing character model.

The Cross Com 2.0, however, can also show you what the UAV drone (basically a floating top-down camera) is recording. This view can be extremely useful. We were able to order it across the battlefield, scouting out the locations of all our enemies. And if you don't want that happening to your team, you can always search the sky for their drone and bring it down.